While many baby boomer private sector employees face financial depression and bankruptcy as their only viable option for retirement, public employees are now the Aristrocracy among us.

California’s Crippling Brain Drain
DEC. 5, 2010
Three articles caught my eye Sunday morning, and what a tale they tell!
The first article said that Donald Lamm, 57, has announced his retirement as city manager of Westminster, an Orange County city of 88,000, where he was taking down a $207,000 annual salary. Lamm said he was going to start his own business.

The second article said David Freeland has announced his retirement as deputy P\police chief of Irvine, which is routinely rated as one of the safest large cities (pop. 208,000) in America. Freeland, 59, appears to have been paid close to $200,000 a year. Now he plans to teach martial arts, write a book and spend time with his family.Click here to read more.

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