What’s a thug? How does a thug operate? They try to sit on you, tie you up, render you defenseless. Behold Public Employee Unions’ latest thuggish move:

Just when a City finds a way to fight back against Public Employee Unions who are bankrupting their city budget, as well as bankrupting the State, behold, a water-carrier carries a bill, to kill local government’s power to negotiate for relief. The only solution acceptable to the unions, is for the taxpayer to pay more.

The other solution, the fair solution, which requires unions to negotiate new contracts and make concessions, like the rest of us have to in this economy, is unacceptable to the public employee unions. Instead, they turn to their bought and paid for elected legislators and have one of them carry a bill, and their committees speed it along, before any other city tries to do what Vallejo just had to.

This bill would take declaring bankruptcy for local governments, off the table.

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