What Is or Should Be the Law?

What this country needs is a good theory of law. We even lack the language to talk about what is happening to us. One party denounces the other but only in ways that exempt itself from criticism. As a result, the “man on the street” is not even prepared to talk about fundamental questions.

Example: Where did law come from, and what should it do? Sure, people get annoyed at the police, irritated by the TSA or startled to read about periodic injustices of public policy. One party gets annoyed when the other party’s president enacts laws without regard to any constitutional conventions.

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  1. Except for laws protecting minors, there shouldn’t be any victimless crimes.
    Drugs should be legal and sold in a setting like a liquor store. Prostitution should be legal.

    I’m certainly no lawyer but the way laws are deemed constitutional needs to be changed. The constitution clearly says
    “The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Yet people are arrested every day for having or carrying guns. Very clearly unconstitutional.
    Seems to me we need far fewer laws, lawyers and cops.

  2. I agree.