Tues March 6th, on Gadfly Radio, Katy Grimes joins the gang, and the phone lines do not cooperate but the show goes on.

Gabe Rose of the Parent Revolution joined  us to talk about the unfolding scandal at Desert Trails in Adelanto, CA.   Evidence of forgeries and other criminal acts show the union is dead set against parents having any say over their children’s education, if they can’t afford to move and or pay for a private school.

Grimes talked with us about some of her recent posts at CalWatchDog, including:

Capitol Protest: Occupy vs. Teachers

Students Protest Ed Entitlement Cuts




  1. Is there an archive of this?

    • Martha Montelongo says:

      The podcast is posted on the podcast page, and you listen direct from the website or you can subscribe for the feed, anyway you like it. Thanks for listening!