The future of Education

“The future of higher education is online. This is an opportunity for the best professors to reach a global audience. Meanwhile, prices will collapse.”__David E. Shellenberger

#1 Sebastian Thrun, a former Stanford computer science professor, gave a talk on his experiment in teaching a course on artificial intelligence. In parallel with his usual lecture format, he offered the same course online in a sort of interactive tutorial format that made use of the latest research about how we learn  most effectively — basically in small batches followed by quizzes and exercises at certain intervals that, once mastered, mean the student is ready to move on. By the end of the course, most of his students were not longer coming he the lecture and he had 160,000 people around the world taking the course online. You read that right. 

You can watch his presentation here. There is a slightly long intro, which ends after 2 minutes if you want to jump ahead.  (click here to read more at One Last Question–Ned Desmond on What’s up in online media

Check out Udacity University at! It is so exciting! The possibilities are infinite!