California’s water wars aren’t about scarcity. Even with 37 million people and the nation’s most irrigation-intensive agriculture, the state usually has enough water for both people and crops, thanks to the brilliant hydrological engineering of past generations of Californians. But now there is a new element in the century-old water calculus:

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Here’s a program you don’t want to miss, if you love fresh food, fresh water, and CA and you want your food to be grown locally, vs imported

First, a couple of background news stories to bring the topic into focus for you: California farmers, ecologists square off over drinking water pollution
April 8, 2011 | 4:00 pm Read more here

Water wars: Little-known rules proposed for the Central Coast are causing a big fight that may be reaching Sacramento
By Jason Hoppin
Posted: 06/19/2011 01:30:37 AM PDT
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Here’s a show this Saturday morning, you don’t want to miss. You can catch it live, or listen via podcast, but don’t miss it! We have to eat to live, but not live to eat… Although, what we eat makes a big difference. Also, do we want to be dependent on imports for our daily sustenance?

Food Chain Radio Show #733 • July 2, 2011

Can agriculture survive clean water?
Growing plants consist of approximately 90 percent water. Water carries essential nutrients to plants and provides the turgor that allows them to stand up to their environment. Water is the lifeblood of our agriculture.
But we are not the only beings inhabiting the environment. Many other creatures rely on water as well, and therein we find a problem.
To encourage our plants to grow and produce beyond what nature would otherwise allow, we must provide them with additional nutrients. The more intensively we farm, the more nutrients we must provide. In California’s Pajaro and Salinas Valleys we farm very intensively, and thus must supplement with a lot of nutrients.
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CA’s Education Budget and Results & Wine Grower, 4th Generation Native of Central Valley, Expert on Clean Water Act on Water Wars: Sat, Aug 1, 2009

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This Saturday on the program Dr. Alan Bonsteel, President of California Parents for Educational Choice CPEC, joins us on the CA Budget battles and the impact on education funding, politics, policy and possibilities. CPEC is to thank for the push and progress to expose the real drop-out rates in California’s Public School System. With the fiscal disaster in Sacramento, the political and public education class are scrambling to cover up the numbers. California has the 37th worst graduation rate (68 percent).

“…And what have Golden State taxpayers gotten for nearly $70 billion spent on K-12 education and the behemoth educational bureaucracy? Test scores in reading, science, mathematics, and writing massively lag the national averages. Morgan Quitno Press ranks California 47th place in the country based on its proficiency results. And California has the 37th worst graduation rate (68 percent).” (World Magazine Aug 09 issue)

Also, Brad Goehring, born in 1965 in Lodi, is a fourth-generation San Joaquin Valley farmer. He has owned and operated Goehring Vineyards, Inc. since 1989. He is recognized nationally as a leading expert on the Clean Water Act and has been called to testify and submit written testimony to Congress, and is a Congressional Candidate for the 11th District of CA.

He joins us to talk about the radical environmentalist politics destroying the Ag industry in CA. We’ll talk about water and California’s Cap and Trade Legislation, AB32, signed into law by Gov Schwarzenegger in Sept 2006, and the impact it has had on CA’s jobs and economy.

We’ll also ask him about a recent interview he did with Debra Saunders of the SFChronicle, in which his experience with and perspective on immigration policy was trivialized and distorted. The favored bias, argued by Mark Krikorian in that piece, advocates zero tolerance for immigration of workers, and expects farmers to mechanize harvest jobs or we should instead import our food from foreign Countries–i.e. Be dependent on foreign food, just like we are on foreign oil. Not a good idea.

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CA Tax Payer Revolt & the CA Rep. Party, and Water Wars: Show for Saturday, March 28, 2009

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This Saturday, on one fast hour in radio:

My guest this Saturday is Shawn Steel, board member and CA Republican Party National Committee Man, who wrote an email which was intercepted by and read on the John and Ken show on March 19th. It was addressed to the CA Republican Party’s Board of Directors, calling for immediate action, to oppose Prop 1A, and to campaign against it. I’ll share the email with you on the show. In it Steel argues that the “CA Republican Party (CRP )must join the Anti-tax fight, and defeat Prop 1A.” It’s about the CRP’s platform, and thus, its mandate, the reason why people become Republicans. So far, his cry in the email, has gone unheeded. But the grassroots activists in the party are in action! Time to shake it up and do some house cleaning! It’s High Noon time.

Piedad Ayala, director of the Latino Water Coalition, Central Valley farmer and business owner joins us for an update on the Water Wars. He shares an amazing little fact that blows the cover off of ‘environmentalists’ real intentions, which are hostile and harmful to the people of California.
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California’s Upcoming Water Revolt: Left-wing enviros believe human beings are the problem

They may find, to their grief, that these troublesome people are about to launch

By Shawn Steel

Shawn Steel is California’s National Committeeman to the Republican National Committee. This article originally appeared in California Political Review’s Jan/Feb 2009 print edition. Posted: 3/5/2009

Californians now face an unprecedented, man-made threat to their stable way of life. Our state is slowly dying of thirst. This crisis, however, is one that could easily be avoided, if those in power in Sacramento wished to avoid it.

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Show for Sat, Feb 28th at 11: Drought, Water Wars, Red Voting Districts, Latino Families, Latino Water Coalition, Politics

Piedad Ayala, Founder and chief organizer of the Latino Water Coalition, joins me along with two gorgeous and dynamic legal eagles, currently at UC Hastings College of Law, Mex-American, Republicans, Francis Barraza, and Kristen Lucero.

We’ll talk with Francis and Kristen about growing up first generation in the US, family, their principles and values and being Republican.

Water wars are front and center. Ag is our biggest industry. Republicans and Latinos need each other more than ever before. The fate of Farm workers, Ranchers, Farmers, Ag business owners and their workers, and CA consumers of fresh food are all in peril, together. The environmental lobby is banking on Latino Democrats to stay in line with the Democratic Party’s politics.
Will Republicans openly embrace their powerful natural allies, the Latino coalition of the Central Valley Ag Industry?

Will Latino Democrats sympathetic to the plight of Latinos who are losing their jobs after generations of working and living in the same communities, over the radical environmentalists, choose human life, property and California’s prosperity over kowtowing to the Radical Environmentalist Lobby?

The face of CA politics can change dramatically over night. Lloyd Carter, President of the CA Save our Streams Council and until very recently, board member of the powerful CA Water Impact Network was forced to resign for his racist comments. The Enviros want us to believe his views were personal and not indicative of that lobby’s views, but their actions speak volumes to the contrary. American Families. Food. Water. Radical Environmentalists. Politics.

Republicans say they want to make inroads into the Latino Community. Republicans can push for reform that is more than window dressing, stalling, or costly spending over common sense policy now. The door is open! A union made in heaven. Join us on the program for a birds eye view.
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Schwarzenegger declares Calif. drought emergency

Likelihood of no water alarms CVP farmers, and farm labor communities

Issue Date: February 25, 2009

By Kate Campbell
Assistant Editor

News that California farmers and ranchers will likely receive no water from the federal Central Valley Project this year has farmers scrambling to find alternative supplies and preparing to leave hundreds of thousands of acres of land idle.

CVP Operations Manager Ron Milligan said these estimates of water deliveries to farmers are among the lowest in project history and reflect a third dry year, as well as increased demand from a growing population, more water for the environment and less flexibility to pump and store water due to system limitations and crippling court decisions.