D.C. teacher performance evaluations – The Washington Post (The reforms are working)

The school system announced Friday that 309 employees, 206 of them teachers, were being dismissed for poor job performance. No pleasure can ever be taken from people losing their jobs. But there is cause for celebration if the rights of children to a quality education trump the self-interest of adults. Friday’s dismissals are a departure from recent practice when typically only a handful of teachers would be fired and then only because of gross misconduct.

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A Real Education Outrage: Protesting parents ignored by the media.

When and if conservatives pointedly, intentionally, and substantively take on the Cartel of public education, whoa! The political playing field will be transformed! The jig will be up!
WSJ Editorial
President Obama’s speech to students this week got plenty of attention, and many conservatives looked foolish by fretting about “indoctrination.” They would have done far more good joining those who protested on Tuesday against the President’s decision to shut down a school voucher program for 1,700 low-income kids in Washington, D.C. click here to read more

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