Why is the NAACP fighting African Americans? – The Washington Post

By Kevin P. Chavous, Published: June 3

The images are jarring. Photos of children with signs saying “NAACP, drop the lawsuit” and “NAACP, unite us, don’t divide us.” Video clips of parents, teachers and community leaders urging the NAACP to put the education of children first and to stop supporting the status quo.

It was so jarring because these children, parents and community leaders were black. Thousands of black Harlem residents rallied in the street May 26 protesting the NAACP.

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“Obama’s Leitmotif”–Quote of the Day WSJ Political Diary, Jan 29, 2010

“Obama’s leitmotif is: Washington is disappointing, Washington is annoying, Washington is dysfunctional, Washington is corrupt, verily Washington is toxic — yet Washington should conscript a substantially larger share of GDP, and Washington should exercise vast new controls over health care, energy, K-12 education, etc. Talk about a divided brain” — Washington Post George F. Will on President Obama’s State of the Union address on Wednesday night.

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