Not the Mortgage Crisis, Not the Economy, but Foolishness! Greenhut calls it, in “Bankrupt cities suffer for officials’ foolishness”

“California’s exclusively Democratic leaders not only are unwilling to rein in the costs of benefits for their patrons, the public-sector unions, they have been erecting roadblocks in the paths of localities that want to fix the problem on their own. Yet all the political hurdles in the world cannot fix the basic problem of insolvency.”

Click to read the article at OC Reg, July 22, 2012

PETA’s Risque Offer to Vallejo: Bikini Ads on Police Cars

The campaign would feature a woman draped on the side of a car covered only by a lettuce bikini.

The slogan, “Lettuce serve and protect you.”

Lindsay Rajt, Manager of PETA’s Campaign Department, claimed that the sexy lettuce advertisments would be fun and would get residents excited.

Fun indeed. And You bet your bottom they’d get residents excited.
lettuce read more LOL

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