Below is an AP/Washington Post article describing the explosion of (primarily California) traffic fines, and especially miscellaneous (and sometimes onerous) fees tacked on to the fines. How are these not tax increases that require a public vote?


More and more, California reminds me of Hazzard County, where every week the Duke boys would thwart Boss Hogg’s ongoing efforts to extort money from the populace through various schemes involving government confiscation.

Most people (not me, but most people) accept the need for some red light cameras to stop people who “run red lights.” But the majority of CA red light tickets are $381 fines for turning right without coming to a full (and COMPLETE) stop. What’s THAT have to do with “running red lights”?

BTW, check my blog for my recent post on how to challenge these red light tickets.
Read the Washington Post article here.

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