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October 11, 2011: Tonight live at 8 p.m. PT on Gadfly Radio, Ben Boychuk of CA City Journal and John Seiler of, welcome John Moorlach, Vice Chairman of The Orange County Board of Supervisors. 

Also  joining us is Bob Bowdon, the Director of the Cinema film, The Cartel–a movie about the public school unions and their establishment and the rule they hold over public schools in New Jersey.   He’s got a new project on Education called ChoiceMedia.TV and CA is one of the states on his radar.

We’ll get John Moorlach’s assessment of the debt crisis in various O.C. Cities, in light of the City of Santa Ana talking bankruptcy.  He’s been doing some research on how other cities and counties in CA stack up.  We’ll get a teaser about his statewide research and findings too.

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John Moorlach is a blogger.  You can visit his blog at John Moorlach’s Postings Focused & Understandable Government that Works.

The Cartel,  was a game changer film in the realm of public education reform.  


Governor Jerry Brown has just signed several of the hundreds of bills that were passed by California’s most public-sector-union dominated  legislature, but he proves to be even more beholden to the union cartel than the legislature.  We’ll touch on a few of the most egregious bills he signed and one he vetoed.

 He signed:

  • AB144, which bans open carry by law abiding citizens.  
  • John Seiler writes that by signing AB 499, Gov. Brown Undermines Parental Rights,  allowing 12 year old minors to be administered Gardasil, the HPV immunization injection without their parent’ consent or even knowledge. 

He Vetoed:

“This measure would [have] overturn[ed] a California Supreme Court decision that held that police officers can lawfully search the cellphones of people who they arrest,” Brown said in a statement on why he shot down the bill. “The courts are better suited to resolve the complex and case-specific issues relating to constitutional search-and-seizures protections.”

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The Key to Win an Army of Allies, The Souls of Two Cultures Embodied in One Legend, The Insatiable Parasite’s Reach for Yet More: Sat. Sept.12, 09

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People all over the country come together today, to stop the massive expansion, the runaway train, of BIG GOVERNMENT, from Washington D.C. to your local city and town, across the nation. Bravo!
On the program, Bob Bowdon, Director of the powerful film, The Cartel, takes a break from the set of a shoot for the satire news website, The Onion, to talk with us, about his new film, (not a satire), and the real outrage over Obama’s speech to children in public schools across the land this past Tuesday. A WSJ editorial called it a missed opportunity for conservatives, who were reduced to looking foolish for their complaints about Obama’s address to the kids. When and if conservatives pointedly, intentionally, and substantively take on the Cartel of public education, whoa! The political playing field will be transformed! The jig will be up! Let’s do it. Start by tuning in, and checking out this film.

Film star & Santa Ana, CA lawyer, Jess Araujos, drops by to invite everyone in Southern California, this Saturday, to the premiere of the indy movie, The Cowboy’s Tragedy La Trajeria del Vaquero. He plays the town Sheriff, in the film, and accepted the role because it “depicts some of the most nobel and admirable qualities of the people of rural Mexico. Using the law to achieve justice is something that has been my profession and my life for over thirty years and town Sheriff was a natural fit for me” said Araujo. Conservatives and limited government activists, share a powerful connection, inherent in traditional Mexican culture depicted in this film; here’s a window into that perspective and understanding.
The legend and spirit of the Cowboy, is deep with in them, with in us, forever and always. It’s a connection of our souls that is inextricable.

Jack Dean, big taxpayer’s hero, editor and publisher of Pension Tsunami , and founding board member of California Pension Reform, he has lots to talk about with us. We’ll get an update on the lists of Calpers and CALstrs $100,000 Pension Clubs–Calpers’ own actuary says the system is not sustainable.
He’ll also talk about Southern CA’s Metropolitan Water District’s (MWD) vote next week to give its employees a 25% pension boost. If you live in So Cal, YOU’re the sucker who will pay the tab. Better stop them now, or switch to sponge baths and cactus and rock landscapes for your yards. The fee hikes will blow your mind, and blow up your budget.
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