How Big Government Is Killing California

When you’ve lost the entrepreneurs, free-spirits, and dreamers, you’ve lost the Golden State.
Steven Greenhut | April 27, 2012

The new USC study pointing to a much-slower population growth rate in California has been greeted by demographers and urban planners as good news, in that it supposedly gives our state’s leaders a little breathing room to plan better for the future. The rate of growth has slowed to about 1 percent a year, the result of fewer immigrants coming here and so many Californians heading to other states.


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Excessive Government Regulations Are Strangling California Businesses published in Fox&Hounds

She has a business plan, has secured the operating capital and has a location picked out for the new small business. However, before she can hire employees and open her doors for business to sell her product and contribute to the local economy, a state bureaucrat has to certify that the people who will come to get yogurt are not adding to vehicle congestion in that neighborhood. Huh?

Excessive Government Regulations Are Strangling California Businesses|Fox&Hounds