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November 8, 2011:  Tonight live at 8 p.m. PT on Gadfly Radio, Martha Montelongo along with Ben Boychuk of CA City Journal and John Seiler of We welcome back Marcia Fritz of Fix Pensions First . We’ll talk with Fritz on the Hot Button role of Public-Sector Pension reform initiatives and the mayoral candidate races today, in two major cities in CA–San Diego and San Francisco. We’ll talk with Marcia about the reform measures just recently proposed by Gov Jerry Brown, and we’ll ask her about the two initiatives that California Pension Reform just filed with the CA Attorney General, reported in the OC Register on November 2, 2011 as Aggressive pension reforms closer to ballot box.   Do they go far enough?

We also want to chat with Fritz about their recently updated publication of the California-$100,000-a-Year-at a-Minimum-Pension-Club.  It’s grown 99% in the past two years ($100K pension club soars 99% in two years)!

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