My Recommendations on the Propositions on the Ballot this Nov:

 These are from the OC Reg.   I agree on all of them and they are my recommendations:  

 While there are issues with Prop 19 to legalize marijuana, I am voting Yes.
1) it should be as difficult to get as is alcohol for children, and

2) alcohol is not distributed and controlled by drug lords or armed gangs as is marijuana because alcohol is legal and regulated.  Marijuana should be too.

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The Propositions on the CA November 2010 Ballot: Richard Rider of the San Diego Taxfighters Group. and Meg Whitman’s choices

I got Richard’s recommendations yesterday in my email box, and Meg’s arrived today.

I have interviewed Richard Rider many times, as my guest on my former radio show on CRN.
He is a brilliant CPA, accountant and economist. His graph was not in jpg format, like Meg’s, so I converted it using my limited skills on my Macbook Pro. Click on the thumbnail image of Richard’s graph to make it open up into a larger image. (update, Oct 11, 2010: I’m voting NO on prop 22 because if it passes, it protect corporate welfare. has a great post on Prop 22. here.

Meg’s graph is a neat little jpg file. I sure wish she supported Prop 23. I am greatly dismayed.  If jobs are number one, it’s the most important initiative on the ballot.  Oh, and when the no on 23 people say it will destroy all the new green jobs that are in the works, well uh, yes, but do they mention in their ads and spin that those jobs they claim will be lost are government jobs?

Thank goodness Richard Rider proves true again to individual citizens, taxpayers, and to citizens who want clean, limited government and a viable middle class which can and will create jobs through investment in entrepreneurship in manufacturing enterprises, if we stop AB32 until our economy is back on track, until unemployment drops below 5.5 percent for four consecutive quarters.

San Diego Tax Fighters Proposition Recommendations

Below are the official San Diego Tax Fighters’ recommendations for the November 2010 California state and local propositions. (Click on the graph for it to open into a larger image)

 Here’s Meg Whitman’s:

I am 100 percent in line with Richard Rider’s positions on all of the ballot initiatives listed above.  Their passage or failure bode dramatic and potentially disastrous consequences for middle class taxpayer small business owners and all the up and coming who ride their wave and coattails.

Meg’s wrong on 23, but Jerry is no different. Meg’s “compromise” to suspend AB32 for one year is useless.

It is up to the voters of CA to decide the fate of this state. May the Tea Party, in its greatest spirit of liberty, crash the shores of CA and stop the looters in their tracks.

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