My Guest, Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner, Gubernatorial Candidate in 2010, & Bold Opponent of Props 1A to 1F: Saturday, May 16th at 11 AM PT

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This Saturday,
CA Insurance Commissioner,& Candidate for Gov in 2010 Steve Poizner has opposed Prop 1A from the start. Governor Schwarzenegger and a coalition of state legislators and union officials on the other hand, have campaigned heavily in favor, resorting to scaring voters with the threat of cuts to emergency and basic services if 1A goes down. The propositions look like they will lose. If they do, what happens next?

Already, in the legislature, a Democratic State Senator and the new leader for the Republican Assembly caucus have now both submitted bills calling for a Constitutional Convention. The Democrat wants to do away with the 2/3rds votes required for raising taxes and restrict the use of the citizen’s initiative process. the Rep says he wants to “fix” the “structural” problems with CA’s budget. Let’s talk with Steve Poizner about his experience before, and then in office as Insurance Commissioner and what he sees as the way to reform CA’s budget and restore our once thriving economy.

Also, Jim Babka, President of Downsize DC Foundation &,Inc. joins us. Their mission is simple: Big government harms you, hurts your family, damages your industry, and destroys your community — it even kills people. We must Downsize DC for Human Progress. He’ll talk about DC’s recent maneuvers on the banks, the auto industry, and healthcare, as well as a strategy to push back.
Join us for hot talk Saturday at 11 AM, PT

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May election more of an IQ test: Voters can pass the test by voting no on everything.

Sunday, May 10, 2009
Steven Greenhut
Sr. editorial writer and columnist
The Orange County Register

Don’t think of the May 19 ballot as a special election so much as an IQ test.

California voters are being asked to approve six budget “reforms” that will supposedly fix the state’s massive budget deficit and keep politicians from digging a big hole in the future. The titles and verbiage for each one are rather complex, but it’s not any test of intelligence to figure out what the measures really mean. The politicians who drafted them – or at least who hired the lawyers who drafted them – don’t really know how they will play out, and I doubt any legislator or the governor has more than a passing knowledge of the details contained within 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E or 1F. How can an average voter be expected to do any better?
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Prop. 1A is a Trojan horse for irresponsibility

Proposition 1A, which will appear on the May 19 special election ballot, is touted as a “spending cap” but is actually a massive fraud. It adds $20 billion more in taxes on income, sales and vehicles for two additional years on top of the $12.5 billion tax increase placed upon Californians two months ago. (Click here to read more)