Feds probe drug task force in south Texas– More evidence, the War on Drugs corrupts law enforcement

The police officer sons of two south Texas law enforcement chiefs who made fighting corruption the cornerstones of their careers have been taken into custody on suspicion of waylaying drug caches coming across the border from Mexico.

Federal agents investigating several border departments west and south of McAllen arrested Jonathan Treviño, the son of Lupe Treviño, sheriff of Hidalgo County, and Alexis Espinoza, the son of Rodolfo Espinoza, Hidalgo’s police chief, the McAllen Monitor is reporting.

Cops Vs Cameras: The Killing of Kelly Thomas & The Power of New Media

You Tube Video Produced by Reason TV NOTE: Because of violent images, viewer discretion is advised.
About 8 minutes long.

Tiawanda Moore Acquitted | The Agitator

A follow up by Radley Balko –A few thoughts on Tiawanda Moore, “former stripper.” Reminds me of how Fullerton PD, the majority of the City Council, and County DA were all indifferent to the fate of a homeless schizophrenic The comments on The Agitator’s post are interesting as well, and Balko post one at the end, or at least it was at the end when I read them.

One other thing. It’s a little odd that most media accounts of this case describe Moore as a “former stripper.” It’s actually the first three words in the Sun Times story. Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s hard to envision the article starting that way if Moore were a former nanny. Or school teacher. Or bus driver. So what’s the point? Even if Moore’s sexual assault allegation was the only newsworthy part of this story, the implication is that her former job is relevant to her allegation. Is the implication that strippers probably act provocatively even when they aren’t working—-indeed, even when they aren’t strippers anymore—and thus should expect unwanted sexual advances from cops? Is it that strippers are inherently untrustworthy? That they’re more likely to make false allegations of sexual assault? (If anything, I would suspect that strippers have built up a fair amount of tolerance for unwanted advances.)

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Woman who recorded cops acquitted of felony eavesdropping – Chicago Sun-Times

Radley Balko tweeted about this story yesterday: “Jury acquits Tiawanda Moore of eavesdropping charges for recording police. Sounds like possible case of nullification.”

A former stripper, who secretly recorded two Chicago Police Internal Affairs investigators while filing a sexual harassment complaint against another officer was acquitted on eavesdropping charges Wednesday.

“I’m feeling a lot better now,” a smiling Tiawanda Moore said after a Cook County jury returned the verdict in a little over an hour.

The 20-year-old Indiana woman admitted she taped the officers on her Blackberry in August of last year. But she said she only did it because the investigators were coaxing her to not go forward with her complaint.

“I wanted him to be fired,” Moore testified of the cop she alleges fondled her and gave her his phone number during a domestic battery call at the South Side residence she sometimes shares with her boyfriend.

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