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August 16, 2011 Tonight live at 8PM PT:  Tonight on Gadfly Radio, Ben Boychuk of CA City Journal joins me as we talk with John Hrabe of CalWatchDog on the CA Redistricting, and Mark Cabaniss on his take on the Fullerton Police Department gang of 6 who should be prosecuted for murder and what the public needs to watch for and resist from the O.C. District Attorney.  We’ll discuss Ben’s on-line debate on the Parent Trigger for Education reform,  Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villareigosa’s pronouncement today at a press club event calling for “reform” of Prop 13, and why is Ron Paul ignored as a top tier candidate? 

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Carla Marinucci blogged today following LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa calls for overhaul of “corporate giveaway” in Prop. 13 “in a much-anticipated speech to the Sacramento Press Club today, urged progressives to “stand up to the idealogues” of the Tea Party and called for massive overhaul of state tax system — including Prop. 13 — to protect California’s future and resources, including education.”

I want to ask our panel, Why the media black out of Ron Paul’s 2nd place victory at the Iowa Ames Straw Poll on Saturday?

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