Jenny Worman on Liberty Caucus in CA, & Peggy Christensen, Open Source Learning, a.k.a. Homeschooling on Gadfly Radio Tuesday at 10am PT

Tuesday, May 1, on Gadfly Radio, Peggy Christensen, mother of two, after starting her first girl in a public school for the first few years, explored and finally jumped into open source learning, a.k.a. homeschooling, for both of her two daughters. Ms Christensen joins Martha Montelongo, with John Seiler, managing Editor at, and Ben Boychuk, Associate Editor with City Journal.  Also, GOP Congressional candidate, Jenny Worman drops in for short visit.

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On April 30, Larry Sand, retired L.A.U.S.D. teacher and Founder and President of California Teachers Empowerment Network published what he called an Honest Cheat Sheet of facts regarding Public Education in L.A.U.S.D., for those who need to see the numbers– how much we actually spend per pupil, and how many children are failed in our schools despite the dollars we spend. (Click here to download the PDF of Larry’s Cheat Sheet)

Reformers battle to empower parents, and give them choice in what school their child has to go through, with the idea that competition would improve the stagnant and ossified conditions that prevail in most public schools. It could be years before The Parent Trigger Law gets any traction. Schools will argue that they’re implementing their own reforms, and have the access to parents the reformers don’t have.

Decades pass, and little victories come and go, but ultimately, the situation has only grown more dire, in cost, and worse, in unlearned children. The schools are little detention centers where large groups of children are corralled into classrooms, and conditioned into submission and conformity. And as if this assault on the way children naturally learn and develop were not bad enough, in just the past four months of this year, it seems everyday we read and hear about teachers and aides who sexually or physically abused children. It is an all too common danger that further betrays and victimizes our children.

What if you could give your children an education that was designed to nurture leadership, curiosity, independence, critical thinking, initiative, individuality, confidence, and written and spoken communication skills? What if these skills could be learned by any child, without having to pay tuition for an elite private school, or live in a multimillion dollar neighborhood?

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was a C student in College. President Bush was hardly a C, and Senator Kerry, who ran against Bush, had an even lower grade point average than Bush. They went to elite boarding schools. What characteristics and what skills prepared and qualified these men to be a Senator and Presidents? What if all children were capable of developing the same qualities and skills? They are.
We will discuss with Peggy, her journey into what she prefers to refer to as open source learning, for her two daughters. We’ll talk about her reservations starting out, her shift of consciousness, the challenges she faced, resources, her success and advice she has to share.

Also joining us, later in the program is GOP Congressional candidate, Jenny Worman, on the board of the Screen Actors Guild for six years, and is part of the Liberty Caucus of the CA GOP. She’s running for U.S. Congress in the new 28th District. What’s special about CA’s Primary if you want to vote for Liberty Candidates but you’re not a Republican? Last day to register is May 21, to apply for vote by mail is May 29, and June 5th is the Primary.
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