Want a Gadfly T-shirt? Subscribe to the feed, and send me a note saying so. We’ve got a few to give away.

I went to a fund raising event for Bruce Whitaker and Travis Kiger in Fullerton, CA and was happy to share some T’s with these impressive citizen activists for clean, transparent and accountable government.

The T’s are beefy  100 percent cotton, size XL.  The front says Gadfly Radio with Martha Montelongo and CalWatchDog.

The back has a graphic explaining the self discovery of a  of a gadfly.   It reads ” I FEEL A DESPERATE NEED TO BE IRRITATING..AND PERHAPS , TO REFORM SOCIETY”

Send me an email and let me know where to send it to you, anywhere in CA.    Offer is good while supply lasts.

Cheers to all fellow Gadflies!