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November 29, 2011:  Tonight live at 8 p.m. PT on Gadfly Radio, Martha Montelongo along with Ben Boychuk of CA City Journal and John Seiler of  We welcome back Steven Greenhut, the Editor in Chief at CalWatchDog, for his take on the many current political, social and economic situations playing out in CA and the US.   

Steve writes about policy on various news and think tank websites, on various issues, yet they are all related and stem from a unifying set of core values and unwavering principles through which he analyzes and writes.   His work is instrumental to help raise public awareness and consciousness of the facts v how the public is swayed by conventional media and the public relations campaigns of the ruling classes of our “free” society.   His bias is for championing the individual, the underdog, the entrepreneur who respects others’ rights as well as his own.   A truthsayer and a truth teller with a lot of heart, soul, wit and irony, he is self described curmudgeon.    A lover of liberty, I feel lucky to have him on our side.  

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Flashback 1969: Environmentalists Demand Compulsory Population Control

This was Posted on January 13, 2011 by hauntingthelibrary

There are powerful links between Environmentalism, which can be called a secular religion, population control, minorities and anti-immigration policies. This piece highlights the targeting of Blacks in the U.S, and Africa.

For those of you who enjoy reading a bit of (unofficial) green history, here’s a post on what the environmentalists were demanding during the last threat to “the future of the world” – overpopulation.

The year is 1969 and the place is the Aspen Meadows conference centre, where a new environmental group has been set up by David Brower, late of the Sierra Club. Their host is Robert Hutchins of the Ford Foundation and the Aspen Centre.

Called the John Muir Institute, the group consists of The League of Conservation Voters, a political pressure group, and Friends of the Earth, intended to push the borders of radical green action on matters such as overpopulation. The institute was funded by a $200,000 donation from oil tycoon, Robert O. Anderson, of Atlantic Richfield (equivalent to approximately $1.1 Million in today’s money). The institute is holding its first conference, and it’s a very serious affair.

This is no peace-and-love hippie gathering of well-meaning but ineffectual types who dance around campfires, but a substantial gathering of highly placed environmentalists, scientists and government officials. As a sign of how seriously the Nixon administration took the gathering, President Nixon had sent John Erlichman, Counsel to the President, to sit in on the conference for the whole two days, and report back personally.

The topic was the threat from overpopulation, and the assembled scientists and environmentalists told the president’s advisor that voluntary birth control was “insanity” and complusory population control was needed immediately:

Click here to read more.

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