Ideals like those of Michelle Rhee, around education, are the core of a pivotal battle taking hold in the Democratic Party

How Michelle Rhee Is Taking Over the Democratic Party

Molly Ball | Sep 8, 2012
In a major shift, education reformers are now influential at the highest levels of the party once dominated by the teachers unions. Click here to read the story

Pull Quote: “The libertarian strain in the American electorate has long been neglected by the mainstream media. But, through the Tea Party, it has gained ascendancy on the right. Those who want the government to stay out of both boardrooms and bedrooms have come to dominate the [Republican] party and its nominating process.”

The Democratic Party is hopelessly bound by Big Labor, Public Employee Unions, the SEIU, the NEA and the AFT. 
Both parties have their share of Big Govt Politicians who are happy to enrich themselves and appease their financial backers, and union members, who like to lord over individuals and romanticize central planning as if they were the ones who would make it work better than a decentralized, nimble, flexible market economy, even though there is NO EXAMPLE IN HISTORY WHERE CENTRALIZED GOVT HAS EVER WORKED. Call them delusional. 

Between the two parties, the Republican Party is the only one, that has powerful factions of members who openly compete for dominance over political economic policy and ideas. 

In the Democratic Party,  as we have witnessed  these past two years, their behavior when they control all three branches of the Federal Government, dissenting ideas or votes are not tolerated, period. That’s why this piece by Dick Morris is so powerful:

Economic Issues at the Forefront: This election season, fiscal conservatives own the GOP grassroots.
Dick Morris and Eileen McGann
October 7, 2010

The coalition Ronald Reagan assembled of fiscal and economic conservatives, evangelicals, and national-security advocates has always been dominated by the social issues at the grassroots level. While free-market economic conservatives lived in New York and dutifully attended their Club for Growth meetings and national-security types inhabited Washington, the Republican social conservatives dominated the grassroots of the party. They alone could turn out the numbers to rallies and to the polls on primary or Election Day.

Now, all that has changed. It is the fiscal conservatives and free-market supporters who own the Republican streets. Through the Tea Party, they have come to dominate the grassroots of the GOP. It is as if an invisible primary were held for supremacy at the grassroots and the Tea Party won.

And social issues are nowhere on the Tea Party agenda. I recently participated in a conference call with tea-party affiliates throughout the country. During the question period that followed my speech, one leader of a local tea-party group asked a question about abortion. The conference-call leader jumped in before I could answer and ruled the query out of order. “Our priorities are to oppose taxes, support fiscal conservatism, and advance free-market principles,” she scolded the questioner. “We do not take a position on social issues like abortion,” she added.
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