Sat March 27, 2010: Greg Scandlen on the Immediate Impact of Health Care Reform & Tony Quinn on a win-win paradigm for Republicans and Latino Voters

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Greg Scandlen, senior fellow of The Heartland Institute and founder and Director of Consumers for Health Care Choices, a non-partisan, non-profit membership organization aimed at empowering consumers in the health care system, joins us to talk about the immediate impact of the epic Health Care Bill, what the insurance companies and the health care industry in general are scrambling to digest, and comply with, and what that means to consumers, employees and employers.

Tony Quinn, an editor with California Target Book, an authority on California political trends and demographics, wrote a scathing piece on Steve Poizner, accusing him of resorting to race baiting, and immigrant bashing, to try to save his failing campaign for Governor.

While the center-right watches in horror as the Left muscles through a monumental, epic transformation of our Nation’s health care system and economy, many on the right fail to see their own suicidal march as they bare down on their position, rhetoric and message, implying all Hispanic immigrants who are illegally here are the same, and want the same thing, welfare, ignoring the fact that many flee the tyranny of the Left in their countries, many are entrepreneurs, as is the history of our Country, and many share the values an principles of the Center-right.

Republicans cannot win a national election without courting this demographic group, and mining at least 43 to 45% of Latino voters who share their aspirations to live free, be entrepreneurs, be self reliant and to prosper. In California, a Republican cannot win a statewide election without winning this percentage of the Latino vote.

Yet some Republican candidates continue to act as if this were merely a matter of opinion, much to their own demise, and, to the disastrous misfortune of all of us, who desperately want to unseat the Left which is firmly in power. They’re stuck in a paradigm that has no possibility and is a self-inflicted self-destruction, a self destructive fallacy.

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The Nobility of the Human Spirit & the Power of Freedom, and Your Health Care and the Power to Choose: Sat. June 20, 2009

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Greg Scandlen, Founder and Director of Consumers for Health Care Choices on Obama’s Health Care plan and you. What’s the plan? What will it cost? What would it mean for quality and availability? Would we have a choice? Join us for hot talk Saturday at 11 PDT