Think twice about fooling with the California constitution: Some powerful players want to overhaul the California constitution.

What could go wrong with that?
Sunday, June 14, 2009
Steven Greenhut
Sr. editorial writer and columnist with The Orange County Register
Below is an excerpt of this excellent article:
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“A California constitutional convention would involve about 400 delegates, including people selected at random (like for jury duty) and perhaps including dozens of elected officials. They would propose ideas, hash them out in committees and create a document that revised the state’s enormously long, two-volume constitution. Those changes would then go to the state’s voters for approval or rejection.
It sounds like fun, at least for reporters and civics teachers, but this is a nightmare waiting to happen. Other states have done this. Hawaii, for instance, in 1978 created a new constitution that sensibly required term limits and balanced budgets, but it also created an Office of Hawaiian Affairs that has pushed much of the noxious race-based legislation that has plagued that island state for three decades.
That’s the problem. We would get good and bad, just like we have now. Given the political complexion of this state, it’s hard to imagine that a majority of delegates would yield anything better than we have now, and chances are we would end up with something much worse – such as a new budget process that makes it easier to raise taxes.”

A Constitutional Convention opens a Pandora’s Box and will not serve the people. It’s a great Constitution. The Problem is our elected Officials.

Read the story about Blakeslee’s first moves as the new Republican Assembly Minority Leader

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Back on December 8, 2008, Steve Harmon wrote in the Oakland Tribune, about Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, D-Concord, as well as Assemblyman Blakeslee, both being proponents of a Constitutional Convention. Harmon reported DeSaulnier’s resolution, “SCR 3, is open-ended and vague — calling for a constitutional convention without specifying what it is he wants to reform — leaving enough room for all factions to weigh in. A constitutional convention can address the whole constitution or parts of it, depending on the political will of delegates chosen to fix the core laws and principles that guide the state.” He argues,”there are a handful of critical areas that need to be addressed to improve government, including the way the state finances public services and how taxes are raised. He also said he would like to reform the initiative process, which he compared to the Winchester House, ‘where you’re adding rooms, but there are no connecting hallways.’

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I hear a lot of Republicans lament how they are treated so unfairly by John and Ken of KFI. How John and Ken only pick on them, when it’s the Democrats who should be on the hot seat, for being the “real” problem. John and Ken will often say how the Dems are hopeless. They know the Dems are dominated by the Environmentalists Lobby, the Public Employee Unions, and the Teachers’ Union, and the morjority of other Democrats who are hacks who spend with impunity and never feel they’ve taxed us enough.

John and Ken go after Republicans because Republicans run on “no more taxes,” “we pay too much in taxes already,” and for fiscal responsibility, and for being pro small business and concerned about jobs and the middle class. It makes John and Ken furious to be betrayed, lied to, their principles abandoned, when Republicans act to protect their own personal seats and to get along with the Democrats! Somebody has to hold the Republican elected officials accountable. Whatever leverage Republicans have left, they should use it with courage, to fight back, to hold the line, and even if they lose their seats in the process, which would not happen for standing up boldly for principle, they would be doing what Republican voters elected them to do, to protect the people of CA, our economy and our way of life, so that we can rally back and thrive again as a State with sound fiscal policy and a vibrant economy.

The question now is why did the Republicans elect this guy, Sam Blakeslee to be the new boss to replace the old boss, Mike Villines, who sold us out to the SEIU, the Teacher’s Union, the Enviro lobby and the rest of the tax and spenders? Are so many of the Republicans who claim to stand for limited government so weak and meek? Or are they cynical or duplicitous? I can’t believe they are all naive, to replace Mike Villines, with whom the Grassroots is furious over Prop 1A, with someone who wants to take us from the intense heat we’re in, straight into the fire, by leading us into a situation where our Constitution can easily be stripped of the laws that protect our most fundamental liberties as Californians. California’s Constitution is outstanding. The problem is our overspeanding and lack of discipline. Do we have any Republicans with integrity, who believe in the principles they claim to defend and stand for, and who are courageous and willing to stand up for us, even if it means no body in their caucus of fellow Republicans will cease to like them anymore? Are there any warriors for freedom with integrity who are willing to stand up for us? If so, please do so. It’s urgent.