In this piece by Jon Coupal, an ominous heading. Spot on. But will the subjects heed the foretelling? Or will they go on, business as ‘usual, oblivious to the public’s awareness, indignation, and fury?’

For Whom the Bell Tolls

August 23, 2010 By Jon Coupal

This is a warning to all local government officials throughout the state of California: Do not ask for whom the Bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

The scandal surrounding Bell — a mostly low-income community of 40,000 in Los Angeles County — where the city manager was taking down an eye-popping salary of almost $800,000 a year and city council members were paid $100,000 annually for part time work that consisted primarily of one meeting per week, has outraged taxpayers, not only in California, but across the nation and throughout the world.

Almost daily there are new revelations of self-enrichment and misconduct by Bell officials. Turns out, additional pay and benefits for the now-forced-out $800,000 city manager brought the value of his annual compensation package to $1.6 million and, now that he is retired, he may draw nearly $30 million in pension benefits. Besides the astoundingly lavish pay, the city was providing nearly a million dollars in loans to top officials. To get approval for these self-serving schemes it appears that city officials may have committed election fraud. To pay for all this booty, the city imposed an accelerated program of parking enforcement — including impounding vehicles – as well as levied an illegal property tax.

What may be the most distressing is that city leaders were able to hide their compensation from public scrutiny for a number of years — even a recently appointed council member who was being paid one tenth of what his insider colleagues were receiving was unaware of the criminal behavior going on at city hall. For Whom the Bell Tolls continued, click here to read more | Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

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Sat 7-24-10 Jack Dean joins me to talk about the explosive story that could be the match to ignite a voter’s revolt against the Public Employee Unions and How Race Trumped jobs at the Obama Adminsitration’s commands over GM

Join me on the air, Saturday from 10AM to Noon, PT, for two fast hours of scintillating conversation on Outlook with Martha, on CRN, on CRN 1
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My Guest: Jack Dean of Pension Tsunami, on the story about the $800,000.00 annual salary for the City Manager of the City of Bell, CA. Could this be the story that breaks the public employee compensation and pension abuse of the public trust and budgets? Will it be the match that lights a fire under the taxpayers, to cause a productive and revolutionary revolt?
If Bell City Manager retires now, he stands to reap over $30 million dollars in retirement funds. He’s not the only one with outrageous pensions. He’s just the worst case by far, but we’ll look at the more common, and yet still, very unjust overcompensation awarded to various officials and ex-officials, all on the dime of the taxpayer, who is on the hook to pay, no matter what.

Race Played Role in Obama Administration’s GM and Chrysler Dealer Closures – according to a report by Troubled Asset Relief Program Special Inspector General Neal M. Barofsky At what cost? And to benefit whom?

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CA’s $800K/Yr Small City Manager

This is from friend, RICHARD RIDER. I posted this story and talked about my my radio show on Saturday, but I just can’t leave it alone. Everyone should know this story, and hopefully be compelled to find out what their city’s manager and other city staff personal in their cities and counties, are paid by us, the taxpayers.

Richard wrote in an email blast today “COMMENT: Many of you probably heard about this travesty already, but it bears repeating — especially with my indignant comments added.

Bell, California is a city of 37,000 low income people — mostly ill-educated, compliant minorities. They’ve been raped by their own city government. Sadly, there’s no better description for what has happened.

I’ve seen countless cases of politicians and government workers gouging the citizenry, but this example sets a new standard.”

Here’s a link to the LA Times Story: Is a city manager worth $800,000?
Bell isn’t a big town, or a wealthy one. But some of its top officials are paid double or triple the salaries of their counterparts elsewhere.

Here’s a link to a VERY short summary of the story from a Rostra blog entry Richard Rider posted, with his comment below it.

Thanks Richard!

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