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November 22, 2011:  Tonight live at 8 p.m. PT on Gadfly Radio, Martha Montelongo along with Ben Boychuk of CA City Journal welcome Larry Sand, President of California Teachers Empowerment Network CTEN .

We’ll talk with Larry Sand about two very important stories related to CA’s critical financial situation and the crippling effect of an unsustainable public sector union group that swallows up more than 40 percent of the state’s revenue and yet produces mediocre and worse results–the K-12 Public Education Establishment is the most powerful and organized, institution and public sector union bar none.

They have the most state of the art public relations agencies at their service and win and secure the hearts and minds, and pockets books of an uninformed and trusting loving public.

We’ll talk with Larry about his article published today at Union Watch–A Project of the CA Public Policy Center, called California’s Looming Fiscal Disaster: Sunlight and an Informed Public are the Best Disinfectants

And we’ll also talk about a very illuminating battle playing out in Los Angeles Unified concerning The Stull Act and JANE DOE, et al, v. JOHN DEASY, et al, a lawsuit filed by a group of anonymous parents along with Skid Row educator the Rev. Alice Callaghan against LAUSD and its two big employee unions, United Teachers of L.A. and the Associated Administrators of L.A.

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Disrupting Class by Larry Sand – City Journal

The “beta” what? You probably say that if you’re younger than 27 years old. Even then, you’d have to be one of those kids with powerful memories of your first three years alive. By 1987, they were a disappearing option in the world of video rentals. VHS beat Betamax because of better marketing. Problem with Larry’s choice for comparison, is that the Betamax was actually a better format, quality and picture than the victor, the VHS.

But Larry Sand’s point is very well taken here. If you have kids, grand kids or friends with kids that are stuck in failing public schools, this is a great model, and viable option about which you need to know!

Disrupting Class by Larry Sand – City Journal

Saturday’s Show Guests: Steven Greenhut and Ron Kaye on Redevelopment & Larry Sand on a Landmark Court Ruling in Children’s Favor v. Teacher’s Union Policy

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This Saturday night, January 29, 2011:
Steven Greenhut,’s editor in chief and former deputy editor and columnist for the Orange County Register and author of Abuse of Power: How Government Misuses Eminent Domain, joins Ron Kaye, publisher, editor and columnist for RonKayeLA Blog in a discussion on Redevelopment.

Podcast Part 1 & Part 2

Podcast: Part 1 Larry Sand of the CA Teacher’s Empowerment Network
and Intro to Steve Greenhut and Ron Kaye
Part 2 Steve Greenhut and Ron Kaye on the CRA/LA, Gov Jerry Brown’s proposal to abolish it, the corruption it breeds, and the LA Convention Ctr and Stadium Project that is a poster child for how rotten it makes all the players involved.

Governor Jerry Brown set off a firestorm almost as soon as he took office, after announcing he was going to dismantle Redevelopment in California (CRAs). Local city government officials have been scrambling to divert funds and political officials and consultants to defend the program or to equivocate over the merits of some Redevelopment Programs over others.

Most people don’t know what it is, unless they’ve been victims of forced evictions by threat of eminent domain, or their homes or businesses have been incorporated into a Redevelopment Zone where all of a sudden their equity became hostage or dramatically reduced. Current Assemblyman Chris Norby’s short pithy illustrated book on the subject is aptly titled, Redevelopment: The Unknown Government.  It explains the billions of dollars in property taxes that are shifted from public services to Redevelopment Agencies.
Dan Walters, a veteran senior columnist for the Sacramento Bee wrote in a column on Thursday: As the battle picks up momentum and the factions exchange barrages of self-serving propaganda, the only safe haven is a report by the Legislature’s budget analyst, Mac Taylor.

Taylor concludes that there is “no reliable evidence that redevelopment agencies improve overall economic development in California” and that redevelopment tends to “shift development from one location to another but does not significantly increase economic activity statewide.” That’s pretty damning.

On Education:
A Superior Court Judge ruled this month in favor of the ACLU versus The Los Angeles Unified School District over the district’s last hired first fired layoff policy.

It is a landmark decision hailed as such by education reformers, but teacher’s unions denounce it as a step toward dismantling tenure policies.

The Washington Post reported:

“The ruling by Superior Court Judge William Highberger approved a settlement between the ACLU, the state and LAUSD in which the district agreed to shield 45 of its lowest performing schools from layoffs and to ensure that the redistribution of those layoffs will not be sent to a school that will experience greater than the district average of layoffs for that year.

It also calls for an incentive plan to attract and retain teachers and principals at the struggling schools.

“This settlement is about giving our most disadvantaged children a fighting chance at their schools,” said Mark Rosenbaum, ACLU-SC chief counsel.

Teachers union United Teachers Los Angeles UTLA will appeal the ruling because it is unfair to pass on layoffs to teachers who have earned their jobs and skills, said Vice President Julie Washington.

“What it is really saying is that experience in teaching has no value,” she said. “We feel that this remedy, if allowed to go through, will actually exacerbate the problem.”

The union was supported by state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, who filed a brief opposing the settlement on Friday noting it “could have far reaching, unintended consequences throughout the state.”

Larry Sand of the California Teacher’s Empowerment Network joins me to talk about this ruling, the firestorm it has caused statewide, and you can be sure nationally as well, and what happens next. He’ll also speak with us about a little known law that was passed by the legislature last year, as part of a move to capitalize on the President’s Race to the Top financial incentives for states to adopt certain education reform measures. This law is unique to CA and the brain child of Ben Austin, Executive Director of the Parent’s Revolution and it says simply that a simple majority of parents at any failing school can force a change of staff and programs. It gives the parents of failing schools power they have not had before.

But Governor Jerry Brown’s first action as Governor was to remove Ben Austin from the State Board of Education as well as a majority of the board who supported the Parent Trigger Law and replaced them with what many critics call union sympathizers. What is the fate of the Parent Trigger Law?

The mission of this radio program is (and I quote here the mission statement of The Future of Freedom Foundation, with whom I have no affiliation other than that I agree with there stated mission, by which I am inspired and for which I stand, to the best of my ability), “to advance freedom by providing an uncompromising moral and economic case for individual liberty, free markets, private property, and limited government.” I hope the president of The Future of Freedom Foundation is flattered and not offended by my copying their mission statement here.

We talk politics, business and culture, and feature ordinary individuals who accomplish extraordinary feats, who act and lead to help transform the future of California such that our best days lay ahead.

Make us your nightcap on Saturday nights in Southern California or where ever you are. California is a land of beauty and unlimited possibility because of the abundance of our greatest capital resource, our human resources. Join us.

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Steve Moore of the WSJ on the $9 trillion 10-yr budget deficit, the shrinking GDP and jobs losses. Also, Earthquake at L.A.Unified. Sat Aug 29,2009

Join me on the air, Saturday at 10 AM PT on CRN, on Channel 1
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[Edit posted 8/30/2009: Richard Rider, honored this past week as “Tax Fighter of the Year,” by Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, dropped in and chatted with us for a while, until he had to run off to do a TV interview with a reporter.]

This Saturday on the program Steve Moore of the WSJ, on the Obama Administration finally raising their own projected 10 year budget deficit to 9 trillion dollars, the GDP shrinks again, another 1 percent, for the forth quarter in a row, and where are the jobs?

We’ll talk with Steve about CA’s latest ‘really creative’ solution (Not) : raise taxes on middle income earners and small business owners–the ones who haven’t left the state yet.
Last October, on the Bill Maher’s Show, Steve said: “Our nation was founded on the principle of a tax revolt. . . . The American nation was founded because Americans hate paying taxes”. He’s the author of many books, including The End of Prosperity, co authored with Arthur Laffer and Peter Tanous. And he is very excited about the Tea Party revolts he has witnessed across the nation.

Larry Sand, recently retired L.A. Unified School District teacher, and the founder and president of the California Teacher’s Empowerment Network, joins me to talk about this week’s earth shaking news that the nation’s 2nd largest school district, Los Angeles Unified, voted yes on Tuesday, to allow private charter school companies to take over 200 failing schools and to operate 50 new schools.

The union is threatening to sue and vows to fight the decision. The proposal known as the “School Choice” measure, will allow charter operators and other institutions to bid for control of 50 new schools – including 20 campuses in the 2010-2011 school year – plus 200 “failing” campuses. The change will affect more than 200,000 students representing more than one-third of the student population in the LAUSD.

The lines are open. I hope you will put us on your calandar and join us for hot talk radio, Saturday at 10AM PT on CRN, Channel 1

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