CA’s Education Budget and Results & Wine Grower, 4th Generation Native of Central Valley, Expert on Clean Water Act on Water Wars: Sat, Aug 1, 2009

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This Saturday on the program Dr. Alan Bonsteel, President of California Parents for Educational Choice CPEC, joins us on the CA Budget battles and the impact on education funding, politics, policy and possibilities. CPEC is to thank for the push and progress to expose the real drop-out rates in California’s Public School System. With the fiscal disaster in Sacramento, the political and public education class are scrambling to cover up the numbers. California has the 37th worst graduation rate (68 percent).

“…And what have Golden State taxpayers gotten for nearly $70 billion spent on K-12 education and the behemoth educational bureaucracy? Test scores in reading, science, mathematics, and writing massively lag the national averages. Morgan Quitno Press ranks California 47th place in the country based on its proficiency results. And California has the 37th worst graduation rate (68 percent).” (World Magazine Aug 09 issue)

Also, Brad Goehring, born in 1965 in Lodi, is a fourth-generation San Joaquin Valley farmer. He has owned and operated Goehring Vineyards, Inc. since 1989. He is recognized nationally as a leading expert on the Clean Water Act and has been called to testify and submit written testimony to Congress, and is a Congressional Candidate for the 11th District of CA.

He joins us to talk about the radical environmentalist politics destroying the Ag industry in CA. We’ll talk about water and California’s Cap and Trade Legislation, AB32, signed into law by Gov Schwarzenegger in Sept 2006, and the impact it has had on CA’s jobs and economy.

We’ll also ask him about a recent interview he did with Debra Saunders of the SFChronicle, in which his experience with and perspective on immigration policy was trivialized and distorted. The favored bias, argued by Mark Krikorian in that piece, advocates zero tolerance for immigration of workers, and expects farmers to mechanize harvest jobs or we should instead import our food from foreign Countries–i.e. Be dependent on foreign food, just like we are on foreign oil. Not a good idea.

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