Police Unions Bullying City Council Members–This is the Hammer, Jerry’s Pension Reform is the Puppet Show

How serious are the Legislators, to real pension and retirement healthcare reform for public employees? The two houses have passed and sent to the Gov for signing, AB 2451, which extends the number of years a claim may be filed for a work related fatal injury or illness, from 4 years to 9.
Katy Grimes reports on this bill here.
The Calfire Blog has a softer spin on the bill here.

Why don’t the politicians just say no, and stand up to the abuse of the public trust? Well, many of those who do are facing the wrath and fury of the Police Union.

PublicCEO.com today has posted a story today, Council Members Allege Widespread Police Union Bullying, linked to the story reported Tuesday in the Voice of OC.

Members of a handful of Orange County city councils Tuesday told stories of attempts by police unions to bully them into voting for generous labor contracts and said a flood of similar revelations is yet to come.


The common thread, the council members said, was controversial law firm Lackie, Dammeier & McGill, which does labor contract negotiations consulting work for police unions. The law firm had posted on its website a slew of bullying strategies to secure lucrative labor contracts, the Orange County Register reported earlier this month.
Shortly thereafter, the Costa Mesa Police Officers’ Association fired the law firm.


Here’s a link to a great candidate race in Fullerton, CA. This guy is a taxpayer hero to the people of CA. He’s helped save us Billions!!!

Please check out these great posts telling of his feats, and please spread the word. He needs your help to win. Let’s reward a hero, and help him defeat a turkey!

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Sat July 17, 2010: Joe Vranich, Business Relocation Coach, on businesses and the jobs they create, leaving CA; Bruce Whitaker, Effective Crusader for Taxpayers & Free Enterprise

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My Guests:

Joe Vranich, The Business Relocation Coach on the accelerating epic upswing of businesses with large number of jobs moving out of CA.

Bruce Whitaker, a tax payer hero with a long history as a successful tax fighter and proponent of property rights and personal freedom, on CA Deep Blue Politics: The players, the real dangers of economic destruction of the middle class and jobs in CA, and the possibilities for an effective strategic offense to save the sinking ship California.

About the Finance Reform Bill. Bill Wilson of Americans for Limited Government says thanks to this bill, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Treasury and Federal Reserve will have the power to tax and spend, seize property and redistribute wealth, monitor individual finances and arbitrarily declare which firms pose “systemic risk,” all without any vote in Congress or the possibility of judicial review. Meanwhile, the legislation does not address one of the root, government causes of the financial crisis.

About my father’s passing on July 1st, and our family’s experience with Hospice Care, which my little sister refers to as the Angel of death, has evolved as a standard industry practice and is an integral part of the Obama Health Care Model passed this year.

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