It’s too bad it requires a lawsuit by handful of Congressional Leaders to do what they’re all sworn to do, to honor and uphold the law and framework of the U.S. Republic and U.S. Constitution.

Lawmakers sue President Obama over Libya
By REID J. EPSTEIN | 6/15/11 12:06 PM EDT

A bipartisan group of House members announced on Wednesday that it is filing a lawsuit charging that President Obama made an illegal end-run around Congress when he approved U.S military action against Libya.

“With regard to the war in Libya, we believe that the law was violated. We have asked the courts to move to protect the American people from the results of these illegal policies,” said Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), who led the 10-member anti-war coalition with Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.).

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Obama Seeks Both Support and Money (He gets FB’s Mark Zuckerberg to Sport a tie and Sports Jacket, and Addresses a Hand picked Audience of 500 Attendees.) | Fox & Hounds Daily

So Obama got Zuckerberg to put on a Sports coat and tie. Gosh, how cool… Yet, I have faith in Zuckerberg. I have to. I hope that ultimately, his conscious yearns for, responds to and thrives on wisdom over being “in” with the “in” crowd. After all it shouldn’t be hard for Mark to see these powerful “friends” are no different than all the other fools he’s already encountered. The question of grave importance to the world, is what captures Mark’s devotion for what purpose will he use his genius?

(I posted a comment at the bottom of this article written by John Wildermuth at Fox & Hound.)

President Barack Obama’s Wednesday afternoon visit to Facebook, the grandfather of the social networking biz, showed that his team has grasped political truism that has eluded many California campaigns: Bucks ain’t ballots.

Now it’s true the president reportedly plans to raise a breathtaking $1 billion for his effort to win four more years in the White House and yes, that’s billion with a “b.”

And since no one in the campaign business has ever suggested that “Big Daddy” Jesse Unruh’s observation that “money is the mother’s milk of politics” is any less valid now than when the former Assembly speaker made it in 1966, the $35,800-a-napkin dinner he had with 60 of his closest friends Wednesday night in San Francisco was a pleasant reminder of why it’s good to be the president.

But as Meg Whitman ($178 million for her governor’s race) and PG&E ($46 million for last June’s Prop. 16) discovered, all the cash in the world won’t help a campaign that can’t rally the troops. Which is why the Facebook stop was likely the most important event on a presidential trip this week that’s expected to shake the California money tree for $7 million in contributions.

There weren’t any surprises in what the president said:  Click here to read more of the article.

Reckless Spending By Thomas Sowell (Looking beyond our fantasies about High Speed Rail)

Nothing more clearly illustrates the utter irresponsibility of Barack Obama than his advocacy of “high-speed rail.” The man is not stupid. He knows how to use words that will sound wonderful to people who do not bother to stop and think.

High-speed rail may be feasible in parts of Europe or Japan, where the population density is much higher than in the United States. But, without enough people packed into a given space, there will never be enough riders to repay the high cost of building and maintaining a high-speed rail system.

Building a high-speed rail system between Los Angeles and San Francisco may sound great to people who don’t give it any serious thought. But we are a more spread-out country than England, France or Japan. The distance between Los Angeles and San Francisco is greater than the distance from London to Paris– by more than 100 miles.

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Harry Reid & Barack Obama on SNL

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Why CEOs can’t stand Obama (if it’s a job you want, need or are concerned about, and you’re not a Govt Employee or wanabe, CEOs help create and preserve jobs for you.

You’ve probably heard that old adage, “my daddy never worked for a poor man.” A poor man can’t create a job for me.

Why CEOs can’t stand Obama

Corporate leaders are slamming the president over taxes and the uncertain effects of his policies, and the executives’ siege mentality is holding back the economy.

By Michael Brush
MSN Money

Is fear of President Barack Obama one reason we’re stuck with sluggish economic growth? That’s the message the CEOs of several major companies are sending out. Click here to read more.

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Race Played Role in Obama Administration’s GM and Chrysler Dealer Closures – according to a report by Troubled Asset Relief Program Special Inspector General Neal M. Barofsky.

“Another bombshell, not generally reported by the MSM.

Just when you thought the revelations about the Obama Administration couldn’t get worse . . .” From my friend, Manny Klausner,

July 22, 2010
Race Played Role in Obama Car Dealer Closures

By William Tate

The Obama administration, already under fire for unprecedented allegations of racial bias, faces a new bias claim from a most unlikely source: one of the administration’s own inspectors general.

Decisions on which car dealerships to close as part of the auto industry bailout — closures the Obama administration forced on General Motors and Chrysler — were based in part on race and gender, according to a report by Troubled Asset Relief Program Special Inspector General Neal M. Barofsky.

[D]ealerships were retained because they were recently appointed, were key wholesale parts dealers, or were minority- or woman-owned dealerships. [Emphasis added.]

Thus, to meet numbers forced on them by the Obama administration, General Motors and Chrysler were forced to shutter other, potentially more viable, dealerships. The livelihood of potentially tens of thousands of families was thus eliminated simply because their dealerships were not minority- or woman-owned.

As has been widely reported, the Inspector General’s study skewered the Obama Gang for strong-arming the companies into closing 2,000 dealerships, costing an estimated 100,000 people their jobs during a recession.

But the news media has ignored key elements of Barofsky’s report — elements that are far more damaging, if possible, to Obama
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Obama’s Blowout Preventer In case you hadn’t heard, Ken Salazar had a reform plan . . .

(The enabling sycophant media give Obama so much rope, they are pathetic gnat-brains.)
BP and the Coast Guard yesterday were cautiously optimistic that the “top kill” maneuver could stanch the Gulf of Mexico oil leak, and let us hope this is the beginning of the end of the disaster. In Washington, meanwhile, the White House’s panicked efforts to put a tourniquet on the political consequences were notably less successful.
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“Obama’s Leitmotif”–Quote of the Day WSJ Political Diary, Jan 29, 2010

“Obama’s leitmotif is: Washington is disappointing, Washington is annoying, Washington is dysfunctional, Washington is corrupt, verily Washington is toxic — yet Washington should conscript a substantially larger share of GDP, and Washington should exercise vast new controls over health care, energy, K-12 education, etc. Talk about a divided brain” — Washington Post George F. Will on President Obama’s State of the Union address on Wednesday night.

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“John Whitehead’s timely Must-Read interview with Nat Hentoff, a principled and courageous defender of liberty”

From an email from friend, Manny Klausner. I love this piece. I’ve long been a fan of Nat Hentoff and I share Manny’s opinion of him. Manny wrote “Hentoff has had an impressive career as a widely-read writer on many significant issues, and he’s been an influential jazz critic for over fifty years.

In the interview, Hentoff states, “I am beginning to think that this guy is a phony. Obama seems to have no firm principles that I can discern that he will adhere to. His only principle is his own aggrandizement. This is a very dangerous mindset for a president to have.”

Hentoff observes that “If James Madison or Thomas Jefferson were brought back to life and they looked at television and read the papers, they would not recognize the country.” But he remains optimistic.

Hentoff concludes, “we have been through very dark periods before. There are enough people who are starting to be actively involved that we can turn things around. And we need to encourage others to become involved.”
Amen to that Manny! Friends, please, please become involved.
From the Oldspeak online Journal:


America Under Barack Obama
An Interview with Nat Hentoff

By John W. Whitehead
December 11, 2009

“I try to avoid hyperbole, but I think Obama is possibly the most dangerous and destructive president we have ever had.”—Nat Hentoff

Nat Hentoff has had a life well spent, one chock full of controversy fueled by his passion for the protection of civil liberties and human rights. Hentoff is known as a civil libertarian, free speech activist, anti-death penalty advocate, pro-lifer and not uncommon critic of the ideological left.

At 84, Nat Hentoff is an American classic who has never shied away from an issue. For example, he defended a woman rejected from law school because she was Caucasian; called into a talk show hosted by Oliver North to agree with him on liberal intolerance for free speech; was a friend to the late Malcolm X; and wrote the liner notes for Bob Dylan’s second album.

A self-described uncategorizable libertarian, Hentoff adds he is also a “Jewish atheist, civil libertarian, pro-lifer.” Accordingly, he has angered nearly every political faction and remains one of a few who has stuck to his principles through his many years of work, regardless of the trouble it stirred up. For instance, when he announced his opposition to abortion he alienated numerous colleagues, and his outspoken denunciation of President Bill Clinton only increased his isolation in liberal circles (He said that Clinton had “done more harm to the Constitution than any president in American history,” and called him “a serial violator of our liberties.”).
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Two Articles Sent by Fellow Blogger Manny Klausner, Which Intersect on Obama’s Damaged Political Capital & Amateur Iconic Image Taking Hold

Why the Greg Craig debacle matters
By: Elizabeth Drew
November 19, 2009 11:58 AM EST

President Barack Obama is returning from his trek to Asia Thursday to a capital that is a considerably more dangerous place for him than when he departed.

While he was abroad, there was a palpable sense at home of something gone wrong. A critical mass of influential people who once held big hopes for his presidency began to wonder whether they had misjudged the man. Most significant, these doubters now find themselves with a new reluctance to defend Obama at a phase of his presidency when he needs defenders more urgently than ever.

This is the price Obama has paid with his complicity and most likely his active participation, in the shabbiest episode of his presidency: The firing by leaks of White House counsel Gregory Craig, a well-respected Washington veteran and influential early supporter of Obama.
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He Can’t Take Another Bow
An icon of a White House that is coming to seem amateurish.

This week, two points in an emerging pointillist picture of a White House leaking support—not the support of voters, though polls there show steady decline, but in two core constituencies, Washington’s Democratic-journalistic establishment, and what might still be called the foreign-policy establishment.

From journalist Elizabeth Drew, a veteran and often sympathetic chronicler of Democratic figures, a fiery denunciation of—and warning for—the White House. In a piece in Politico on the firing of White House counsel Greg Craig, Ms. Drew reports that while the president was in Asia last week, “a critical mass of influential people who once held big hopes for his presidency began to wonder whether they had misjudged the man.” They once held “an unromantically high opinion of Obama,” and were key to his rise, but now they are concluding that the president isn’t “the person of integrity and even classiness they had thought.”

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A Defeat & Further Threats to Gun Rights, Environmental Politics v the Nation’s Food Supply, and Crying Racism Bites Back: Sat, July 25, 2009

New Time and New Channel on CRN Digital Talk Radio!

Join me on the air, Saturday at 10 AM PT on CRN, on Channel 1

Call in number: 1-800-336-2225

This Saturday on the program:
Dr. Suzanna Gratia-Hupp, from Second Amendment Sisters , talks about pending legislation, Assembly Bill 962, and the impact it will bear on the cost and availability of firearms ammo in CA.

WATER–Congress continues to stand by and do nothing during the destruction of the largest agricultural sector in the United States. Politicians who claim to care about minorities and jobs do nothing while the Central Valley turns to dust. Predominately Hispanic populations are now at greater than 40 percent unemployment in Mendota, and other neighboring communities are also heavily impacted.

The Central Valley grows 20 percent of the nation’s food supply. People across the Country have not yet felt the impact of this deliberate devastation. By the time they do, many farmers will be out of business. Many families will have lost everything. And saving the largest industry in California’s economy will be a costly challenge.
Local grocers now sell produce imported from Mexico and other countries, where until recently they sold California grown. We’re importing basic canned staples from China and other countries.

You think being dependent on foreign oil has been devastating to our work force and economy. How about your daily bread?
Ben Bergquam, who represents Patriots for America’s Independence (Co-founder), the Central Valley Tea Party (Public Outreach Coordinator and Water Liaison) in conjunction with the statewide Tea Party, The Water for All (Advocate/Advisor), Families Protecting the Valley (Advocate) and farmers, joins me to discuss: What’s the problem? What’s at stake? What’s the necessary outcome? What can you do?

Other stories on the table:
Barbara “Call me Senator” Boxer patronizes National Black Chamber of Commerce NBCC CEO Harry C. Alford, who by the way “ma’ams” her repeatedly without repudiation (because she’s white and he’s black and she’s a politically correct liberal) during a hearing on Cap and Trade when she introduces for the record, signed letters from presidents of other national Black organizations, defending and praising Cap and Trade. Alford protests, “You’re trying to put up some other black group to pit against me.”
The NBCC Study finds Waxman-Markey Reduces GDP by $350 Billion, and “could cost 2.5 million U.S. jobs each year through 2030 and reduce earnings.” The showdown set off a media fire storm. The race card isn’t working. The findings of the study show the harsh impact Cap and Trade will have on businesses, jobs, and prosperity in the U.S.

Obamacare and Cap and Trade are still alive. Cap and Trade passed in the House, and is now in the Senate. Obamacare is on hold until after the recess and the radical left faction in charge is still determined to push it through; they are not giving up. This battle is not over. Rham Emanuel tells NPR healthcare is getting done next week.

From Dan Tripp of ALG, I got this tweet today: “Yesterday, the Congressional Black Caucus duked it out with the Blue Dogs. Today the Hispanic Caucus says ME TOO!”

Last but not least, President Obama plays the race card and gets bit. Pressured by an angry reaction by the public and police organizations across the nation, he further insults law enforcement officers by dismissing the justified arrest of his elitist black friend, Gates, by Cambridge Police Officer O’Connor, as the result of hot headedness by both parties, thereby undermining the authority and integrity of law enforcement officers everywhere.

CRN Digital Talk Radio is now available in High Definition audio! Listen to CRN on your local cable or satellite provider, local radio affiliate, mobile device or at CRN! To see where CRN is available in your area click here.
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Dodge facts, skip details, govern Chicago-style | Washington Examiner

“I consider Michael Barone to be one of the most astute political analysts in the U.S. Here are his Three Rules of Obama.” Manny Klausner

Dodge facts, skip details, govern Chicago-style Washington Examiner
By: Michael Barone
Senior Political Analyst

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W.H. team discloses TARP firm ties: News released late Friday when the newsrooms are skeletal

By KENNETH P. VOGEL 4/3/09 10:49 PM EDT
Lawrence Summers, a top economic adviser to President Barack Obama, pulled in more than $2.7 million in speaking fees paid by firms at the heart of the financial crisis, including Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America Corp. and the now-defunct Lehman Brothers.
He pulled in another $5.2 million last year from D.E. Shaw, a hedge fund for which he served as managing director from October 2006 until joining the administration. Thomas E. Donilon, Obama’s deputy national security adviser, was paid $3.9 million last year by the power law firm O’Melveny & Myers to represent clients, including two firms that received federal bailout funds: Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. He also disclosed that he’s a member of the Trilateral Commission and sits on the steering committee of the supersecret Bilderberg group. Both groups are favorite targets of conspiracy theorists.
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