Filling in for Chuck Wilder on tomorrow, from noon to 2 pm PT

We’ll be talking guns, money, taxes, and the “war on drugs” used to seize assets from innocent bystander citizens. Dave Workman of The 2nd Amendment Foundation joins us to talk about moves to “Do Something!” now, a.k.a. to save us from the danger of guns out there. And we’ll have our own local CA expert, Chuck Michael, of the CA Rifle and Pistol Association to focus on how fast our CA State legislators are moving to capitalize on the public fear resulting from the horrific tragedy in Newtown, CT this past December.

Richard Rider joins us to talk about the millionaires who are leaving CA because they don’t want to pay 82% taxes on their earnings. Steven Greenhut recently wrote about one such individual, Pro Golfer, Phil Mickelson, and his new 62% tax bracket in CA, but Rider will explain how it’s actually 82%! What happens when the millionaires leave? Yikes.

He’s always loaded for bear, so don’t miss it. Join us live from noon to 2 pm PT on as we fill in for the venerable Chuck Wilder who is in recuperation.

A Defeat & Further Threats to Gun Rights, Environmental Politics v the Nation’s Food Supply, and Crying Racism Bites Back: Sat, July 25, 2009

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This Saturday on the program:
Dr. Suzanna Gratia-Hupp, from Second Amendment Sisters , talks about pending legislation, Assembly Bill 962, and the impact it will bear on the cost and availability of firearms ammo in CA.

WATER–Congress continues to stand by and do nothing during the destruction of the largest agricultural sector in the United States. Politicians who claim to care about minorities and jobs do nothing while the Central Valley turns to dust. Predominately Hispanic populations are now at greater than 40 percent unemployment in Mendota, and other neighboring communities are also heavily impacted.

The Central Valley grows 20 percent of the nation’s food supply. People across the Country have not yet felt the impact of this deliberate devastation. By the time they do, many farmers will be out of business. Many families will have lost everything. And saving the largest industry in California’s economy will be a costly challenge.
Local grocers now sell produce imported from Mexico and other countries, where until recently they sold California grown. We’re importing basic canned staples from China and other countries.

You think being dependent on foreign oil has been devastating to our work force and economy. How about your daily bread?
Ben Bergquam, who represents Patriots for America’s Independence (Co-founder), the Central Valley Tea Party (Public Outreach Coordinator and Water Liaison) in conjunction with the statewide Tea Party, The Water for All (Advocate/Advisor), Families Protecting the Valley (Advocate) and farmers, joins me to discuss: What’s the problem? What’s at stake? What’s the necessary outcome? What can you do?

Other stories on the table:
Barbara “Call me Senator” Boxer patronizes National Black Chamber of Commerce NBCC CEO Harry C. Alford, who by the way “ma’ams” her repeatedly without repudiation (because she’s white and he’s black and she’s a politically correct liberal) during a hearing on Cap and Trade when she introduces for the record, signed letters from presidents of other national Black organizations, defending and praising Cap and Trade. Alford protests, “You’re trying to put up some other black group to pit against me.”
The NBCC Study finds Waxman-Markey Reduces GDP by $350 Billion, and “could cost 2.5 million U.S. jobs each year through 2030 and reduce earnings.” The showdown set off a media fire storm. The race card isn’t working. The findings of the study show the harsh impact Cap and Trade will have on businesses, jobs, and prosperity in the U.S.

Obamacare and Cap and Trade are still alive. Cap and Trade passed in the House, and is now in the Senate. Obamacare is on hold until after the recess and the radical left faction in charge is still determined to push it through; they are not giving up. This battle is not over. Rham Emanuel tells NPR healthcare is getting done next week.

From Dan Tripp of ALG, I got this tweet today: “Yesterday, the Congressional Black Caucus duked it out with the Blue Dogs. Today the Hispanic Caucus says ME TOO!”

Last but not least, President Obama plays the race card and gets bit. Pressured by an angry reaction by the public and police organizations across the nation, he further insults law enforcement officers by dismissing the justified arrest of his elitist black friend, Gates, by Cambridge Police Officer O’Connor, as the result of hot headedness by both parties, thereby undermining the authority and integrity of law enforcement officers everywhere.

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