Obama Seeks Both Support and Money (He gets FB’s Mark Zuckerberg to Sport a tie and Sports Jacket, and Addresses a Hand picked Audience of 500 Attendees.) | Fox & Hounds Daily

So Obama got Zuckerberg to put on a Sports coat and tie. Gosh, how cool… Yet, I have faith in Zuckerberg. I have to. I hope that ultimately, his conscious yearns for, responds to and thrives on wisdom over being “in” with the “in” crowd. After all it shouldn’t be hard for Mark to see these powerful “friends” are no different than all the other fools he’s already encountered. The question of grave importance to the world, is what captures Mark’s devotion for what purpose will he use his genius?

(I posted a comment at the bottom of this article written by John Wildermuth at Fox & Hound.)

President Barack Obama’s Wednesday afternoon visit to Facebook, the grandfather of the social networking biz, showed that his team has grasped political truism that has eluded many California campaigns: Bucks ain’t ballots.

Now it’s true the president reportedly plans to raise a breathtaking $1 billion for his effort to win four more years in the White House and yes, that’s billion with a “b.”

And since no one in the campaign business has ever suggested that “Big Daddy” Jesse Unruh’s observation that “money is the mother’s milk of politics” is any less valid now than when the former Assembly speaker made it in 1966, the $35,800-a-napkin dinner he had with 60 of his closest friends Wednesday night in San Francisco was a pleasant reminder of why it’s good to be the president.

But as Meg Whitman ($178 million for her governor’s race) and PG&E ($46 million for last June’s Prop. 16) discovered, all the cash in the world won’t help a campaign that can’t rally the troops. Which is why the Facebook stop was likely the most important event on a presidential trip this week that’s expected to shake the California money tree for $7 million in contributions.

There weren’t any surprises in what the president said:  Click here to read more of the article.

Why Are The Republicans So Silent On The Falling Dollar? – Forbes.com

Why Are The Republicans So Silent On The Falling Dollar?
Seth Lipsky, 04.14.11, 12:01 AM EDT
The failure of our fiat currency is up for political grabs.

The most astounding feature of the political fray as the 2012 election comes into view is that not a single Republican other than Congressman Ron Paul is stepping forward to brand as his or her own the issue of honest money. The whole party is into the negotiation with the president over the budget, and the underlying issue–the failure of our fiat currency–is up for grabs.

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