Steve Moore of the WSJ on the $9 trillion 10-yr budget deficit, the shrinking GDP and jobs losses. Also, Earthquake at L.A.Unified. Sat Aug 29,2009

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[Edit posted 8/30/2009: Richard Rider, honored this past week as “Tax Fighter of the Year,” by Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, dropped in and chatted with us for a while, until he had to run off to do a TV interview with a reporter.]

This Saturday on the program Steve Moore of the WSJ, on the Obama Administration finally raising their own projected 10 year budget deficit to 9 trillion dollars, the GDP shrinks again, another 1 percent, for the forth quarter in a row, and where are the jobs?

We’ll talk with Steve about CA’s latest ‘really creative’ solution (Not) : raise taxes on middle income earners and small business owners–the ones who haven’t left the state yet.
Last October, on the Bill Maher’s Show, Steve said: “Our nation was founded on the principle of a tax revolt. . . . The American nation was founded because Americans hate paying taxes”. He’s the author of many books, including The End of Prosperity, co authored with Arthur Laffer and Peter Tanous. And he is very excited about the Tea Party revolts he has witnessed across the nation.

Larry Sand, recently retired L.A. Unified School District teacher, and the founder and president of the California Teacher’s Empowerment Network, joins me to talk about this week’s earth shaking news that the nation’s 2nd largest school district, Los Angeles Unified, voted yes on Tuesday, to allow private charter school companies to take over 200 failing schools and to operate 50 new schools.

The union is threatening to sue and vows to fight the decision. The proposal known as the “School Choice” measure, will allow charter operators and other institutions to bid for control of 50 new schools – including 20 campuses in the 2010-2011 school year – plus 200 “failing” campuses. The change will affect more than 200,000 students representing more than one-third of the student population in the LAUSD.

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