Saturday, Post radio program.

My guest today was Richard Rider from the San Diego Tax Fighters’ Group. He’s a wealth of experience and information and true crusader for the taxpayers. It’s a topic that can numb your brain or paralyse you with the sense of being powerless against the collective strength of government employee groups, their unions, and the politicians they help elect to ‘negotiate’ their contracts and pay raises.

I’ve been focused on the social conservative issues and thinking about how to establish the coalition of citizens we are not connected with, who are conservative, but vote lock step with the liberals. I haven’t quite seen the way yet… I have an idea, but it’s germinating. Talking with Richard helps see the possibilities. I think the most exciting idea for me came at the end, from a caller who asked Richard about whether or not we could force government agents to put any proposed pay raise to the people’s vote, because the common practice for local governments is to vote themselves payraises and benefits with impunity. Richard’s response, it’s been done and it works, it’s a good idea, and “Do it.”