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I love movies.   My ex always teased me, that I saw myself in all the movies we watched.   Well, not all of them.  But I do get myself, a lot, watching movies.  I don’t hold back.   I think many people do, or can.  And I think movie makers want for that to happen.   They tell stories, about people, situations, families, experiences, love, joy, suffering, perseverance, grace, loss, discovery, redemption and more.

A great movie is a delight as is a great book.   To make a great movie requires a great deal of synthesis, of a great story, sets, character actors, scripts, lighting, and magic.

I love it when we watch a great movie (I rarely watch them alone.  I love to share the experience with someone dear.  I always want to share about it with everyone I love, and everyone who is my friend whom I have not yet met, yet we know each other and are related and connected, somehow, through threads of humanity.

Let me know if you would like to be a contributor.   Or collaborate.   Thank you,

Martha and friends