Melodramatic? No. But Californians must be very much in denial. What do you call this sydrome? Holy Crap! What now?

California Suggests Suicide; Texas Asks: Can I Lend You a Knife?
by Joel Kotkin 11/15/2010

In the future, historians may likely mark the 2010 midterm elections as the end of the California era and the beginning of the Texas one. In one stunning stroke, amid a national conservative tide, California voters essentially ratified a political and regulatory regime that has left much of the state unemployed and many others looking for the exits.

California has drifted far away from the place that John Gunther described in 1946 as “the most spectacular and most diversified American state … so ripe, golden.” Click here to read the article

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  1. California during Gov Brown’s term.and His pro union platform will serve as the final death blow,Texas is probably stepping production in hara-kiri knives.

  2. Martha,

    I share your enthusiasm for what Mr. Cherng is creating through his investment in people and one of the results: financial success. The article also reminds me of the breadth and depth of Landmark’s impact on my life. So tomorrow I will be calling the nearby Landmark office to step into a role on the production team of the next Forum.

    There is so much available when you embrace life, choose powerfully, and commit fully.

    Thank you for who you have chosen to be…you are one of my inspirations.