A Life Long Republican, and Top Cop 20 Years on the Force Says for Safety Sake, Legalize drugs.

What if the best way to combat drug abuse, danger and violent crime is to legalize, and regulate?

Life-long Republican, Stephen Downing,  spent 20 years with the Los Angeles Police Department.

He started as a street cop and rose to deputy chief. Along the way, as commander of the Bureau of Investigations, he oversaw the Administrative Narcotics Division. Today, he insists that for the sake of cops, and in the interest of logic and public safety, the United States ought to legalize drugs, starting with marijuana.

Is he nuts?   Is he a immoral?  Unethical?   Does he have no respect for law and order?   Does he hate families?   Does he not care about children and their safety and exposure to drugs and drug abuse?   Why does he say what he says?   Find out, tomorrow on Gadfly Radio, at 10 am.   GadflyRadio.com

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A former L.A. cop calls for legalizing drugs
‘Prohibition is not the answer and it will never be the answer, because it does not and will not work,’ says Stephen Downing. He favors legalizing, regulating and controlling illicit substances.
June 17, 2012|Steve Lopez