I love what Michelle Rhee stands for. I thank her for her leadership, inspiration, and courage.

Bob Bowdon asks Michell Rhee a pointed question and she responds with a resoundingly clear and powerful statement.   I love her for it!   She is a brave warrior woman!



On Bob’s FB Group page for Choice TV I posted my response to Michelle’s answer to Bob’s question.   I hope I can stomach it in the morning when I’m not exhausted and in much discomfort from this flu I’ve suffered since Sunday.


“That was perfect! As a mother of two boys, and a person with the spirit to teach and cause children and people of all ages to learn, in my heart, I loved her answer…”

“Thank you Michelle Rhee. You speak for mothers who care about their children and need to count on the integrity of the school administration and program, that excellent teachers are supported, and ineffective teachers are identified and supported to transform in the areas they are lacking, or supported in choosing a new carreer if it’s not the right path fo them. But her priorities are the correct priorities. The chlidren and their learning and well being is the primary objective and must never be sujugated to the interests of adults over the children. She calls it like it is. They hate her for it. They seeth about her and invect smears and slander, but they also carry out dispicable actions against poor defenseless minority parents, initmidating them, and telling them lies to scare them into recinding their signatures for a Parent Trigger Law drive at Desert Trails, and Compton before that…”

“So many examples across the country… women being locked up, or mothers I should say. Mothers being locked up because they find themselves with the choice between lying to get their child into a performing school, or they have to be doscile obedient ones and allow the system to demand their child goes to one of those miserable failing schools where they are left behind and and future cemented in bleakness or a lot of struggle to survive. I love Michelle Rhee. I’ve yet to hear her udder words that don’t move me in a way that inspires, comforts, and compels me…”