Hispanic vote wanes for Obama, and some interesting notes on a growth in percentage of minorities who call themselves conservative but not Republican

The headline reads: With Hispanic support for Obama waning, could Latino vote be up for grabs in 2012?

A recent poll conducted by ” Resurgent Republic, a conservative-aligned group, shows Obama under-performing his 2008 totals in key swing states with large Hispanic populations. In Florida, where Obama won 57 percent of the Latino vote in 2008, 48 percent of Hispanics say he deserves a second term. Ditto in New Mexico, where Obama carried Latinos with 69 percent but now sees just 58 percent of that voting bloc willing to say he should be reelected. (Worth noting: In Colorado, Obama’s numbers have held steady among Hispanics.) Those numbers pose two important questions relating to the president’s 2012 prospects: What explains the drop-off among Hispanics? And is it possible that Latinos could be up for grabs in 2012? Read it here.