Greg Scandlen on Crunch Time in Congress on Your Health Care & Eric Singer on Congress Created Mortage/Credit Crisis Redux: Saturday Oct 10, 2009

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On the program, Richard Rider, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association 2009 Taxpayer Hero of the Year, talks about the new-hot-off-the-presses study commissioned by the San Diego Taxpayers Association, which shows City Pension Costs Linked to Higher Taxes.

Greg Scandlen, Founder and Director of Consumers for Health Care Choices, an expert on Health Care policy, joins us to talk about Crunch Time in Congress: The Senate Finance Committee will be voting on its bill next week, then Harry Reid and the White House will cobble together a merger of the two Senate committee bills and take it to the floor. House leadership is already working on a bill to take to the floor and will probably have a vote in the next two weeks. Whatever else they do, it will certainly include:

* A mandate that you must buy health insurance and be fined or even jailed if you fail to comply.
* A major increase in the deficit to pay for all the new subsidies and bureaucracies.
* Rationing of services as determined by a federal committee.
* Increased taxes on everyone involved in health care.
* More regulation of doctors and hospitals.

Eric Singer
of “Congressional Effect Fund” talks with us about Congress’s plan to reenergize the the Community Reinvestment Act–the same act that brought us the housing market bubble, and credit market meltdown. It promises to usher in the next mortgage and credit crisis in the name of “helping to stimulate” the economy. With the Government buying up mortgages how do we really know the value of the market or how it’s doing?

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