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Gadfly Radio Premiere’s Tonight, March 15th at 8 PM PT
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We’ll talk about Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami.  What are some of the reverberations for California’s economy and our energy supply options.   We’ll also talk about the Budget Crisis in Sacramento and what are the possibilities, one way or the other, if the Governor gets to put a measure to raise or “extend” taxes to a vote on a ballot in June?  What if the tax increase measure is put on the ballot after it’s after the ‘temporary’ taxes the CA Legislature gave us back in the spring of 2006 expire before the Governor and the Legislature were able to get them  ‘extended,’ with a Yes vote by CA voters?   Will it be a mail in only ballot?   What happens if the voters vote NO on the Governor’s tax increase/extension plan?  
Talk about tsunamis, another CalPERS scandal worth tens of millions of dollars! The fox is not a good watchdog for the hen house!
Update on the Parent Trigger Law.

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