CA’s $800K/Yr Small City Manager

This is from friend, RICHARD RIDER. I posted this story and talked about my my radio show on Saturday, but I just can’t leave it alone. Everyone should know this story, and hopefully be compelled to find out what their city’s manager and other city staff personal in their cities and counties, are paid by us, the taxpayers.

Richard wrote in an email blast today “COMMENT: Many of you probably heard about this travesty already, but it bears repeating — especially with my indignant comments added.

Bell, California is a city of 37,000 low income people — mostly ill-educated, compliant minorities. They’ve been raped by their own city government. Sadly, there’s no better description for what has happened.

I’ve seen countless cases of politicians and government workers gouging the citizenry, but this example sets a new standard.”

Here’s a link to the LA Times Story: Is a city manager worth $800,000?
Bell isn’t a big town, or a wealthy one. But some of its top officials are paid double or triple the salaries of their counterparts elsewhere.

Here’s a link to a VERY short summary of the story from a Rostra blog entry Richard Rider posted, with his comment below it.

Thanks Richard!

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