CA Election Races & Ballot Props w/ Chris Reed of CalWhine & Gadfly’s Ben & Martha

Tuesday, May 28, on Gadfly RadioChris Reed of joins Martha Montelongo, and Ben Boychuk, Associate Editor with City Journal.

We’re discussing the hot races in next Tuesday’s, June 5th, CA Primary.

We’ll talk about the race for mayor in San Diego, and the hot props for public employee pension reform in San Diego, and San Jose.  Prop 28 for term limits, and Prop 29, the Cigarette tax  initiative to fund cancer research, and of course, we’ll discuss the many props on the ballot aimed to raise taxes on the people who live, work and try to run businesses in CA.

Chris is always intensely passionate and he’s been interviewing candidates and proponents and opponents running for office or backing or fighting initiatives,  as part of  his work with the San Diego Tribune so he’s well prepared with all the details.

Publisher Brian Hews of the Los Cerritos News joins us to talk about the Noguez pay-to-play Million Dollars campaign contributions scandal.  

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