About Martha


I’m new to LA, sort of. I grew up in the San Gabriel Valley, graduated from UCLA, and then moved to Santa Cruz in my late 20s and stayed there until my boys were well into their college years. I returned to L.A. in January of 2011, and have been on LATalkRadio with CalWatchDog’s Steve Greenhut and John Seiler since late March of 2011.

I grew up in LA, in a family of eight, including my mother and father. Spanish was my first language but I spoke English by the time I went to Kindergarten. My parents had strong cultural views they brought with them from Mexico that made for constant battles over participation and involvement in extracurricular activities such as after school sports, or drama or even a job at the local mall. These were activities they feared would bring shame on our house and disgrace on us. Five of us siblings were girls. It was a clash of two worlds in our household as we navigated the tumultuous trials and tribulations of the sixties and seventies in California.

I have always been interested in politics but always thought that ultimately I’d go into fashion design and entertainment. I never thought I’d be a stay-at-home mom, and while going through it, I was always scared to death I’d blow it. But the kids turned out all right, and I can’t think of them without welling up with a strong sense of love and joy.

I got my first radio show in 1999, for one year on KOMY in Santa Cruz, because I called in to a talk show and debated with one of the hosts. It was my lucky day. I got a one hour show for one year, and I got hooked. I got another show on 1460 AM KION for a couple of years and that was a blast while it lasted, until the station manager decided to convert the talk format to an all crooner music all the time.

I got to work on two statewide campaigns, for Proposition 38, in favor of school choice for all. It failed miserably, but not because it wasn’t a great concept.

Another Proposition I worked on was Prop 90, to stop Redevelopment from abusing eminent domain for commercial development. It lost 47.53 to 52.47. Prop 93, to legalize Marijuana on the ballot in November of 2010 lost 46.4% to 53.6% and that was considered close and worthy of coming back again.

Today I am still in disbelief that Redevelopment in CA has been dissolved. What ever the reason, it’s a great day for the average property owner that he or she doesn’t have an anchor on their property that says they have no say over its future.

I love music and in the past have enjoyed singing boleros, loved sewing and design, but those aren’t hobbies I engage in too much lately, not that I won’t pick them up again. At one point I made pillows for Interior Designers as a part time home job when my kids were young. My mother was a garment worker, and so was my grandmother. I learned from her, in our garage where she did piece work, when I was growing up. One of my mother’s aunts and her daughter were both great film stars in Mexico and I grew up loving the world of Mexican music and film. I love film and theater in general and I hope to tie films and people involved in the industry into the shows when possible.

I have fun and enjoy doing the program, and my mission and purpose is to inspire and entertain while advancing the principles of liberty in the hearts and minds of our listeners.