About the show last night on Gadfly Radio

Richard Rider, Chairman of San Diego Tax Fighters, joined Steve Greenhut, John Seiler and me, to share some positive developments in the realm of public policy.  Steve talked about some of the highlights of what others called a debate last week in O.C.  It was Steve vs Orange County’s Nick Berardino, general manager of the Orange County Employees Association, a government union, in what Steve calls a floor mopping–him doing the mopping! We had a lot of fun while discussing the dismal state of CA’s business climate, for small business and the middle class, and the politics and policy that have major impact, and we highlighted a new emerging leader, and some policy victories as a hint of what is possible if only…  One caller  took a few of our panel on a contemplation of his dream if only the north of CA separated from the south… Too short a time for so much to talk about, but it was fun and lively and… We’ll pick it up next week, same time, same place.  Hope you enjoy the podcast!