About Martha Montelongo

Martha Montolongo

Martha Montelongo

Dedicated to promoting policies that empower private citizens and business owners and to supporting policies that advance economic and personal freedom and liberty and nourish civil society.

My family moved from Mexico to the United States seeking opportunity. My mother was a seamstress and my father a textile mill machine mechanic.

The fourth of six children, I was the first in my family to go to college. Attended UCLA and majored in History. Lived two years in Barcelona, Spain.

I enjoyed success in the financial services industry before marriage and children. Experienced firsthand the weight government policies and excessive unfair taxes have on small business owners and entrepreneurs.

I was a stay at home mom of two boys.  Both graduated from college.  I am a supporter of school choice.  No one size fits all.

I am a stand for liberty, for freedom, for choices, for how we live, how we educate our children,  how free we are to start businesses, and employ people.

The more regulated an industry or sector of our our economy is, the worse it gets.   The most powerful examples are the internet and technology.  Both have enjoyed relative freedom from the burdens of government interventions, regulations, fines and taxes.   A powerful  example of the opposite is  medicine.   What was once glorious, the more regulated it’s grown, the more expensive, the less available, the less efficient, and the fewer, more restricted choices we now have.