Join me on Talk Back with Chuck Wilder, while I guest host a cast of friends of liberty, on, Noon to 2 pm

Ben Boychuk of City Journal California and the Sacramento Bee will talk about how the Democrats in the California state legislature are working to undermine the initiative process that has kept government excesses in check for the past century. He’ll also talk about California’s efforts to undermine the Second Amendment.

Wayne Lusvardi of will talk about his Special Report just recently published up at, Brown proposal would force local school tax increases, a brazen betrayal of his word to the voters if they passed his signature ballot initiative, Prop 30 last November.

We’ll have Chuck Michael from the CA Pistol and Rifle Association  and the CA Chapter of the National Rifle Association NRA,  join us on the latest developments in the State’s efforts to disarm citizens or make it so expensive that only the rich can afford to have guns and protection.

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Podcasts for Thursday’s Talk Back with Chuck Wilder Show are up on the podcast page

The first hour I spoke with Dave Workman, Communications Executive with The 2nd Amendment Foundation.

Chuck Michael, a civil rights attorney with the California Rifle and Pistol Association joined us.

The second hour I talked with Eapen Thampy, Executive Director for Americans for Forfeiture Reform. We talked about the Caswell’s Motel, the recent Federal Court decision, the egregious abuse of this policy, and the danger it poses to everyday law abiding citizens.

Richard Rider, Chairman of the San Diego Tax Fighters Association joined me and we discussed the impact of the new higher taxes in CA and Federally. We talked about Pro golfer, Phil Michelson’s comments that he would probably leave CA as a result, and Rider pointed out the true extent of the increase in taxes on Michelson.

The elite media and the politicians in charge deny, dismiss and ignore the number of high earning individuals who are fleeing the state of CA. The prospects are not good, but the voters proved blissfully ignorant of the consequences of squeezing the “rich” to make them pay their “fair share.”